Server Configuration

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Server Configuration

After installing the Rosistem Server you will need to install the server application add-on.


You can install the add-on using the AddOn Setup (Rosistem Server - Mobile Inventory AddOn Setup.exe).


Use the setup steps. First, accept the license.




The setup automatically find the server installation folder and all you need is to confirm the installation.




The progress installation is shown and after installation is finished the confirmation window is displayed.




To close the AddOn Setup click Finish.




If you want to manually modify the server configuration please open the folder where the Rosistem Server is installed.




Open using Notepad the Web.config file from the web folder. An XML structure is shown, please identify the Database tag. In the database tag is the database for the application.




For Mobile Inventory, the database tag must have the connectionString value mobile_inventory like in the image bellow. If Rosistem Database Server is installed on other computer in the Server tag you need to specify the IP address of the server. In 99% cases the database and the web server are installed on the same machine.




If you manually modify the Web.config file please verify that the folder db\data\mobile_inventory exists. If not exists please create this folder.


It is not recommeded to manually modify the Web.config file.